FreGrad: Lightweight and fast frequency-aware diffusion vocoder

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
*Authors contribute equally to this work, +Corresponding author

FreGrad gradually remove noise from wavelet features


The goal of this paper is to generate realistic audio with a lightweight and fast diffusion-based vocoder, named FreGrad. Our framework consists of the following three key components: (1) We employ discrete wavelet transform that decomposes a complicated waveform into sub-band wavelets, which helps FreGrad to operate on a simple and concise feature space, (2) We design a frequency-aware dilated convolution that elevates frequency awareness, resulting in generating speech with accurate frequency information, and (3) We introduce a bag of tricks that boosts the generation quality of the proposed model. In our experiments, FreGrad achieves 3.7 times faster training time and 2.2 times faster inference speed compared to our baseline while reducing the model size by 0.6 times (only 1.78M parameters) without sacrificing the output quality.

Synthesized samples

Sample generated by 50 iterations

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The due relation of letter to pictures and other ornament was thoroughly understood by the old printers; so that
Heard noises that sounded like firecrackers and ran toward the President's limousine.
He concluded, quote, There is no doubt in my mind that these fibers could have come from this shirt.
Restricting the coverage in this way would avoid unnecessary controversy over the inclusion or exclusion of other officials who are in the order of succession
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A measure which must greatly tend to discourage attempts to escape.
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And also about Mrs. Paine.

Compare Training Time Between PriorGrad and FreGrad

My Happy SVG

Ablation studies for quality

Sample generated by 50 iterations.

w/o Freq-DConv
w/o separate prior prior
w/o zero SNR
w/o L mag


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